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Best AfterShokz Headphones Review 2021

When it comes to bone conduction headphone the well-known and popular brands which comes to mind is AfterShozk. The company has earned a comprehensive name in the bone conduction technology. We have reviewed few headphones manufactured by AfterShokz to help you pick the best bone conduction headphones by Afteshokz in an affordable price. Follow along these reviews to pick the one which suits your needs.



That said, AfterShokz Titanium is crafted carefully, with the positioning of the transducers spot-on, they can be fit easily on the jawbone. You have to option to select either black-grey/blue/green/pink colour of these headphones.
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2 AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones

AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones

The Trekz Air wireless headphones pair can be easily wrapped around the back of your neck,the manufacturer claims that the headphones don’t compromise on the bass.For the price, they are not that expensive and nor inexpensive so the affordable price can be spent by budget people.
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3 Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Headphones

Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Headphones

A small collection of controls is also available on the back of headphones which includes mini-USB port for charging the built-in battery, dual button volume/search control.
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4 AfterShokz Xtrainerz Bone Conduction MP3 Swimming Headphones

AfterShokz Xtrainerz Bone Conduction MP3 Swimming Headphones

Open-Ear Design. With nothing inside or over your ears, enjoy bud-free listening with headphones that stay in place.
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5 AfterShokz OpenComm Wireless Stereo

AfterShokz OpenComm Wireless Stereo

Powered with up to 16 hours of talk time or up to 8 hours of listen time on a single charge, while a 5-minute quick charge gives you 2 hours of talk time.
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The BluEZ delivers an accurate and clear sound signature of midrange. The frequency of 1-4 KHz is expected from this pair of headphones. The weak point of this headset is bass. Low frequencies are sharply cut off at around 200Hz, which makes the hip-hop music sound weak.

The Bluetooth connection makes it the stronger headset for the money, can easily maintain a perfect connection for a 33-foot operating range with your iPhone 5 or any Smartphone compatible with 2.0 port.

The AfterShokz BluEZ does the perfect job of delivering great audio to their listeners without removing them to listen to the outer world. Though they cannot replace standard wireless headphones with these headphones, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of dual awareness while skiing, biking and running. So people with active lifestyle might find this headphone perfect for them and those looking for stereo and rich demand of powerful bass should stay away from this.Read full Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Review.After reading these AfterShokz Headphones Reviews you might have been stumbled on a note that these headphones are not good on bass. As they allow to listen to both worlds at the same time so offering the bass might get issue while achieving this. So people with an active lifestyle are ready to go with these headphones for example at the gym , biking, skiing and so forth.

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