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Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets

For ages, for many bikers, a leather jacket has been a staple. It also comes in different shapes and sizes to fit an individual. These leather jackets can function as legitimate body armor for your arm and your body, aside from being a fashion statement.

It can go a long way to protect you from an unfortunate crash by having the right attire while cruising your favorite motorcycle. Therefore, that’s just another reason for adding to your wardrobe some of these leather jackets.

Benefits of using leather motorcycle jackets: 

  • Classic style;
  • Durable and lightweight at the same time;
  • Warm because genuine leather is a natural material;
  • Safe. If a crash happens, the leather material may protect the biker’s skin from scratches and abrasions;
1 Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Leather Jacket

Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Leather Jacket

There is a normal look of the PU leather. The cloth looks very similar to animal hide and is stretchy. It is also worth mentioning that both the pockets inside and outside are incredibly spacious.
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2 Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Moto Jacket

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Moto Jacket

The fake leather material is not quite stretchy and depending on the fit, it can encumber arm movement, but this is anticipated from this kind of material.
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3 Hot Leathers Classic Motorcycle Jacket

Hot Leathers Classic Motorcycle Jacket

The trendy black leather of this jacket suits well every rider’s body type, and the best part – it is moderately priced. For colder cases, it’s well-ventilated and has ample pockets for your things.
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4 The Leather Factory Men’s SWORD Biker Jacket

The Leather Factory Men’s SWORD Biker Jacket

To give you a satisfying fit, this jacket has a snap button at the hem. In addition, both comfort and warmth are made of 100% polyester lining. The black color appears to match well with many styles and looks even if you are a biker.
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5 Milwaukee Leather Ladies Motorcycle Jacket

Milwaukee Leather Ladies Motorcycle Jacket

It is based on 1.2 mm premium cowhide leather – warm and easy to clean. A crossover front closure in this sophisticated leather jacket closes up to the neck.
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The Buyer’s Guide

Types of leather motorcycle jackets

  • For cruiser drivers;
  • Sport motorcycle jackets;
  • Touring style;
  • Cafe racer jackets;


There are two different fabrics used for motorcycle jackets – textile and genuine leather. 

The smaller, smoother, more convenient, and tougher leather is of a better standard. Lower-quality and cheaper-priced jackets utilize lower-quality leather as a general law. You want a leather jacket that can adapt to your shape and serve like a second skin that’s easy. Leather jackets have better seams and typically last longer. 

No matter which one you select, bear in mind that it should be of good quality. Since the best relaxation and least discomfort can be assured by good quality products.

When you face a crash, the standard of products still falls into focus. Low-quality fabrics would not be able to provide you with any form of protection, so the body will experience some significant harm and trauma.

The optimal thickness of a high-quality jacket is between 1.2 and 1.4 millimeters, which will provide you with adequate security during a crash to mitigate injury.

One of the disadvantages of using leather is that, because it has no pores, it can’t read. Thus, if you are looking for leather coats, it may get a little uncomfortable throughout the season.

Textile jackets are built to breathe well on the other side and are thus a nice choice during the summers. Denim jackets that are of high quality are also available.

However, during the winter, these jackets may get colder since they are ineffective in offering the body’s warmth within. Therefore, the material of the jacket can also adjust depending on the season.

Quality of the seams

When buying a jacket, there are the seams and edges you have to pay attention to:

  • Look for jacket seams that should always be on the inner side of the jacket. During accidents, this reduces the likelihood of abrasion;
  • The jacket must have the least number of seams, more seams can completely diminish the value of the jacket;
  • All seams should be doubled up to help avoid the jacket from opening during a car accident;

Before deciding, another significant factor you should look for is zippers. There are generally two kinds of zippers, either plastic or metal. This relies on individual preference, but the top priority should be maintaining your safety.


Black for a motorcycle jacket is one of the most commonly chosen colors. The black jacket looks very elegant and has long been used by the bike, but the downside of using black jackets is that in the dark it has little visibility.

This can cause many problems at night because you may not be spotted in time by a rider of the oncoming traffic. This can place you in a dangerous situation.

You can go for another college classic motorcycle jacket such as orange or yellow, which is more visible than the black. To be honest, these colors are not as traditional as black. But when it comes to riding at night, they are much safer options.

To improve the visibility of a black jacket, the other option you have is to have reflective panels with all of the logos on them. Under the headlights, these panels will shine bright and class keeps you safe.


Your safety should be one of the top concerns when purchasing a motorcycle jacket. During the worst-case scenarios, a motorcycle jacket should be able to provide the maximum level of protection.

Your most vulnerable parts, like shoulders and elbows, should also be protected by a jacket. Many of the jackets for motorcycles come with body armor that protects.

The armor can now be made up of a few various materials. But while picking the best armor in a jacket, you need to be careful. Make sure that the armor consists of leather and not textiles, as leather is denser than textiles.

And leather stretches under pressure, which helps to disperse the pressure over a large surface area, reducing the effect. The best material for armor, ideally, is either kevlar or leather.


Another essential factor that you need to consider. The one that suits you the best will be the best jacket for you. To have the best fitting jacket you have to keep in mind a couple of things.

In either case, the jacket should be snug, no matter whether you’re sitting or standing. It’s a perfect fit if the jacket does not move too much.

The jacket is not meant to make you feel uncomfortable or be stiff. In other terms, you need to be able to openly wave your arms about. And you need both of your arms fully free from some restraint when driving or riding a vehicle, otherwise with males contributing to some severe incidents and injuries.

Check the sleeve length when buying a sweater. It should not be too quick or too long. The jacket sleeve can overlap with the gloves properly.

To avoid injury during a crash, the zipper should be protected properly. As it serves to guarantee that the sleeves do not slide up, you can also check for zippers in the cuff area.

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