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Best Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2021

Oreck is famous for its vacuum cleaner brand with stable productivity. Thus, I started digging out the information about it and picked out the best Oreck vacuum cleaners for your choosing. In each section, you will gradually understand its functionality through my reviews.

The Oreck vacuum cleaner offers a comfortable experience with a very lightweight and powerful suction. It features a smooth automatic switch between floor types. However, each has its disadvantages that you need to consider, but overall, this is a reputable brand.

If you have decided to pick the product from the Oreck brand, my review is what you need to read. I will explain it to you step by step. Your job only needs to be noted during the process. Then consider yourself one last option and buy it right away. Let’s start exploring!


Oreck Commercial Upright XL Blue Vacuum Cleaner


Oreck Commercial Pro Corded Compact Canister Vacuum


Oreck Commercial 40ft Power Cord Bagged Vacuum Cleaner


Oreck Elevate Conquer Grey Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering With HEPA Filter Bag Vacuum Cleaner


Oreck Swivel Axis Purple Lightweight Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck Commercial Upright XL Blue Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features:

  • The brush roll is high-speed, robust, and balanced with double helix brushes
  • Only 9 pounds with a helping hand handle
  • 12-inch width allows for low rugs to be cleaned
  • An automatic floor adjustment to move between hard surfaces and carpets

The first place is given to the Oreck Commercial Upright XL Blue Vacuum Cleaner. In the most holistic view, all aspects of it fit your daily cleaning needs. The design is classic but not heavy that it’s lightweight to move from position to location quickly.

With the brush roll, it is designed in a double helix shape for a better effect. The machine has a cleaning path with a width of 12 inches, which is also quite extensive for faster cleaning. The house cleaning will be done quickly and comfortably.

Another thing is that the machine comes with a huge bag that holds up to 630 cubic inches. That is an impressive number. The product’s ability to confront the dirt surface was high and stable from bare floors, hard floors to carpets, rugs.


  • Very lightweight and easy to get around the house
  • Long power cord, vacuum a whole level without needing to change outlets
  • Have a strong vacuum motor
  • Take up less space for storage
  • Swapping the bags is easy
  • There is a low price compared to products of similar function


  • The handle is slightly loose, but it does not affect the vacuuming process
  • No attachments – only made to be the very best vacuum for vacuuming the floor
  • Quite a loud noise when operating

Oreck Commercial Pro Corded Compact Canister Vacuum

Key Features:

  • The 4-legged tube helps to clean the vents overhead
  • Assembling components in the US
  • Lightweight handheld carrying case
  • Eleven accessories make it the most versatile compact vacuum available
  • Rectangular shape

The Oreck Commercial Pro Corded Compact Canister Vacuum deserves this location. You will not regret investing in this versatile machine. It is fully featured to fulfill your cleaning needs with a perfect combination of canister and handheld.

The shape design is compact and light, so you can comfortably hold one hand or put it on your shoulder, making it more flexible to move. Add to that the power of a canister, and it absorbs all the dirt, pet hair, debris of any surface.

With the included accessories, it will help and solve completely from furniture, crevices, corners, and hard-to-reach places. The machine is also equipped with a 30ft long cord for unlimited restrictions. I want to remind you to pay attention to filters and bags because they are not reused.


  • Quality assurance and durability
  • Powerful high vortex motor
  • Can clean stairs, furniture, ceiling fans, molds, bookshelves, curtains
  • Convenient strap for moving


  • The straw is quite short
  • Maybe accessories often fall out of service

Oreck Commercial 40ft Power Cord Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

ey Features:

  • Weighs just 8 pounds and covers a 12-inch wide area
  • Convenient on/off switch on the handle
  • A 40-foot power cord with a cord clamp for replacing a damaged cord
  • The Microsweep – moving between carpet and hard floors without changing settings
  • The Saniseal technology automatically seals dust, allergens, and debris

If you’re hesitant about a product that will suit carpet cleaning requirements, the Oreck Commercial 40ft Power Cord Bagged Vacuum Cleaner will be the puzzle for you. Carpet cleaning requires a large capacity to help vacuum dirt and allergenic substances.

The product has a top fill bag with more capacity than you might think, 630 cubic inches. Plus, the Saniseal technology is responsible for automatically locking dust, debris, and allergens to limit exposure to the environment.

The handle is mounted on/off switch for convenience of use. Take comfort in the cleaning process and ensure a safe and healthy space for your family members. Please refer to and consider this model.

These products have the same structures as the one above that you can search for your choice.


  • The quiet operation does not cause discomfort in volume
  • Great suction and easy to move around from room to room
  • Super easy to push on the carpet and have three different heights
  • A super-strong motor with the ability to clean your carpets and floors


  • No neat way to put the cord away
  • The wheels are quite challenging to roll back before plugging it in

Oreck Elevate Conquer Grey Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features:

  • This upright pocket holds four times more
  • Its weight is fewer than 10 pounds
  • The fingertip control settings allow you to adjust the folding speed
  • Hepa Media filter traps at least 99.97% of particles of 0.3-micron size
  • Low profile design

The Oreck Elevate Conquer Gray Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for a hardwood floor. The control unit is set to two speeds for the brush roll. The dusty surface will be cleaned after just once. Moreover, the head of the vacuum cleaner also has 5 LEDs to illuminate hidden corners.

A swivel steering will be responsible for helping you to quickly rotate to avoid colliding objects to assist in moving the cleaning line in a space with lots of furniture. Of course, it can also vacuum under cabinets, beds, and more by its low and compact profile.

What is more, this model’s upright bag is not at all trivial at all, less than four times more powerful than conventional bags to increase efficiency in collecting more dirt. Along with this, the HEPA filter automatically locks dirt, allergens, and fine dust to ensure the environment.


  • It’s easy to move
  • It is perfect for all types of carpeted floors, hardwoods, tiles
  • Lightweight material and premium design, combined for maximum performance
  • The long cord provides a large cleaning radius


  • It might not work well on carpet area
  • The price of the product is quite high

Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering With HEPA Filter Bag Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features:

  • Slim swivel design allows you to turn on a dime and lies virtually flat
  • Weighing less than 8 pounds equals one gallon of milk
  • A 5-layer HEPA filter – lock in 99. 97% of seals and particles in the dust
  • Automatic adjustment for the highest carpet pile with no manual adjustments needed
  • The Belt protects – preventing the brush roll from getting stuck

Next up, this will be the product with the best HEPA filter, the Oreck Magnesium RS Vacuum Cleaner, if you are focusing on the filter system element. This model enhances filter functionality by establishing five quality layers.

One more point, the product is designed for a slim swivel steering part. You will easily rotate and move the vacuum cleaner head and clean low positions such as under furniture. Other surfaces are also ideal for it to promote the product’s forte.

The design is robust and lightweight. Due to the upright style it does not take up much space in stock. I think it’s essential not only to clean your house but also to clean the air so consider this vacuum machine.


  • Easy to use with the ergonomically correct handle and the power switch on top
  • Very lightweight, able to carry it up and downstairs with ease
  • Move from wood floor to carpet to tile ideally
  • Can folds flat to get under beds and tables


  • Have a blue LED twin headlights; white lights are more useful
  • The cord is quite cumbersome to manage on your move

Oreck Swivel Axis Purple Lightweight Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features:

  • Three-year warranty
  • Two speeds, high for carpets and low for oriental carpets and bare floors
  • Auxiliary handle at the back
  • 360 glide technology
  • A different shaft and ball joint connection

The Oreck Swivel Axis Vacuum Cleaner is probably the most prominent model of the upright style. The size is up to standard, and the appearance stands out with an attractive purple color. The handle is solid, integrated with a button switch, and also a point to hook cord.

The brand still focuses on flexibility and power suction without interruption, so the 30ft cord is equipped with a longer length than other products. Of course, surfaces from floors, carpets, stairs, and others are not a problem with this product.

The first part of the vacuum cleaner is fitted with 2 LEDs to challenge the dimly lit places. The premium edge brush is cleverly installed on either side of the head unit. I see how the design and components are focused and closely linked.


  • The long power cord to go to multiple rooms at the same time
  • Oreck shaft with fabrication for long-lasting existence
  • Full and powerful power delivery with two speeds
  • Reasonable price


  • Have a blue LED twin headlights; white lights are more useful
  • The cord is quite cumbersome to manage on your move

Bagged vs. Bagless

With the bagged vacuum cleaner, the bag is mainly responsible for storing all kinds of dirt, food, or paper debris. For the most part, this bag will be disposable and need to be replaced when full.

However, Oreck brand products improve the bag to increase capacity and do not interrupt cleaning to change to a new bag.

The bagless vacuum has another difference when it uses a special big cup instead of a bag, namely, the dustbin. With this kit, you will also fill it when it’s full, wash it away, and use it for a long time.


Based on actual facts on the market today, I preliminary estimates that full-sized vacuum cleaners typically weigh up to 20 pounds. With the stick style, the weight is halved, while the handheld style weighs a few pounds.

However, the Oreck brand products will maximize this problem in the most sensible way, even full-sized vacuums, for easier portability. Therefore, Oreck handheld products weigh less than 5 pounds.

Stick and upright style weights of less than 5 pounds and 10 pounds, respectively. And, the vacuum cleaners included canisters are around 5 pounds.


A factor is also quite essential to note. Most vacuum cleaner products from the Oreck brand have at least two-speed features for adjusting the brush’s rotating speed because each surface or dirt condition will require different cleaning speeds for better and faster effects.

Corded vs. Cordless

This also seems to be a factor that has received a lot of attention. Of course, corded products will have larger suction power and long, uninterrupted cleaning time.

With lengths ranging from 20 to 35 feet, the Oreck brand ensures you’ll clean the entire home space without moving the power cord from one plug to another. And, once you’re done, it’s also easier to tidy up the power cord.

With cordless products, there is also a good point of making it easier to move more skillfully and flexibly to any corner, even where there is a limited outlet, but continuous cleaning time is limited.

Cleaning Surface Types

You may still think that with a carpeted surface, there is only one product to clean carpets that cannot clean other hard surfaces. That is wrong in the modern-day.

With rising demand, Oreck brand designs products that fulfill their tasks from carpet surfaces to any hard surface such as tile, hardwood, ceramic, porcelain, even furniture related to a house, office, car, etc.


Each vacuum cleaner product line is designed with different types of filters to keep dust and debris from being released to outside air during cleaning. This factor should be considered when you have pets or have allergies carefully.

The great thing is that the Oreck brand is focused on your needs, so all filters are fitted with a HEPA filter, which retains up to 99.7% of collected particles. The quality of the filter is at the forefront in terms of performance and safety to ensure you can read the specifications on the case or instruction manual.


This is an additional feature to help you clean underexposed areas, especially hidden corners, crevices. That assists you in completing tasks with excellence. This design is generally installed in upright models. There are a few products that have up to 2 or 4 headlights.


This is indispensable in the packaging of the vacuum cleaner products from the Oreck brand. The three most prominent tools are dusting brushes, crevice tools, and upholstery tools. However, to be sure which accessories are included, you should carefully research the product information.

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