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Best Pandora Bracelet 2021: Shopping Guide & Review

Pandora is a jewelry brand known for their original designs. This brand revolutionized the market a decade ago when they released their iconic Pandora charm bracelets, an innovative concept which allows users to create their own unique bracelet based on their personal style. Pandora supplies a wide range of charms and beads which allow their customers to create the perfect bracelet they’ll love.

What makes Pandora bracelets special, therefore, is that not only are they made of high-quality materials (sterling silver and 14-carat gold), but you can also personalize your bracelet however you would like. This has made these elegant items wildly popular worldwide. In this article we’ll discuss these original and beautiful bracelets in more detail, to help you choose the Pandora bracelet that is right for you.

1 PANDORA Jewelry Moments Heart Clasp

PANDORA Jewelry Moments Heart Clasp

This Pandora bracelet is made from Sterling Silver, a stylish material that is also long-lasting and hypoallergenic, and so is ideal for anyone whose skin can react to certain metals.
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2 Best Yellow Gold Pandora Bracelet

Best Yellow Gold Pandora Bracelet

Official Pandora: This authentic Pandora bangle is ready to gift to your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or any special occasions
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3 Best Reflexions Pandora Bracelet

Best Reflexions Pandora Bracelet

The Reflexions Collection is one of Pandora’s most elegant collections, and if you want to wear the beautiful charms from this collection you will need a specific Reflexions bracelet.
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4 PANDORA Sterling Silver Bracelet, PANDORA Pave Heart Clasp

PANDORA Sterling Silver Bracelet, PANDORA Pave Heart Clasp

Charm Bracelet: Add the perfect touch of blush with this stylish bracelet. Its sterling silver chain and Pandora Rose heart clasp with clear stones create a contemporary vintage feel.
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5 Pandora Jewelry – Pandora Moments Butterfly Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

Pandora Jewelry – Pandora Moments Butterfly Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

A butterfly snake-chain bracelet in sterling silver brings you wings to fly. The clasp is in the image of the iconic PANDORA butterfly shape, embellished with signature sparkle and a dangling little butterfly
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What are Pandora bracelets made from?

One of the big reasons behind the popularity of Pandora bracelets is the materials used in the manufacture of all of the items of jewelry the brand produces. These bracelets are most commonly made from sterling silver, although there are also models available which are 14-carat gold.

Because they want to appeal to all price ranges, Pandora also sells pieces that are plated in 14-carat gold, which are more reasonably priced, and no less special. There are even models that are made from genuine leather or cotton cord. On the other hand, you can find Pandora items with precious and semi-precious stones.

Do Pandora bracelets have a special meaning?

Yes indeed: all Pandora bracelets carry a special meaning, whatever meaning you choose to give them in fact. This is because you can choose whichever charms you like, each having their own significance. There are Pandora charms of various themes from friendship and love to Christmas, travel, family, and animals.

Each of these small pieces represents an idea, allowing the wearer to choose those that best represent their passions and dreams. If you love photography you may choose a charm in the form of a camera. Alternatively, you could give your love a heart-shaped charm, or wear a clover or horseshoe for luck.

What are Pandora charms and how should I use them?

Charms are an original concept of Pandora and are really the foundation for the brand. These charms come in various shapes, styles and sizes, which can be added to your Pandora bracelet, which has a small break which allows you to add your charms.

Pandora charms can be made from sterling silver, 14-carat gold, or Murano glass, among other materials. You can add as many charms as you like, depending on your preferences and the size of the bracelet. Because the charms are interchangeable, you can even wear a different bracelet every day!

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