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Bowflex Treadmills Review – Pros & Cons (2021)

Being one of the pioneers of the fitness revolution today, Bowflex was introduced into the world by Nautilus, Inc. in 1986. The very first product designed by the company was Bowflex 2000X, which was considered a futuristic strength trainer. The low-impact tension resistance offered by the strength trainer was first of its kind back then.

Since then, Bowflex has designed a vast multitude of fitness machines, including elliptical hybrids, treadmills, tread climbers, and more. At this time, Treadmill Guru wants to focus on the treadmills and the cardio machines that can help supplement cardio training as we go over the available Bowflex machines that you may want to add to your home gym.



Bowflex BX116 Treadmill


Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill


Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber


Bowflex TreadClimber TC10


Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber

Bowflex BX116 Treadmill

  • It has a 7.5” full-color screen that displays a variety of workout data.
  • The powerful 3.75 CHP motor used here is designed strong that almost anyone can make use of it.
  • Comes with a USB port for charging.
  • The 9 in-built programs offer users with exercise regarding calorie burn, heart rate zone training, distance-centered workouts, and others.
  • The BXT116 treadmill is a foldable machine which can fit into your living space by just pushing the deck upward.
  • This treadmill comes with a 15-year warranty on the frame and drive motor, 5 years on the mechanical parts and electronics, and 2 years of warranty coverage on the labor repairs.
  • Use the Bowflex Results app to track your workout information and help you project your fitness progress.

The first of the two Bowflex treadmills is the BXT116 treadmill. Along with an attractively sleek design, the BXT116 treadmill is a heavy-duty machine that can accommodate a user who weighs up to 375 lbs. It also comes with a highly durable treadmill belt that is 3-ply, while many treadmills only come with 2-ply at best. Also, while the BXT116 is a sturdy treadmill, you can still fold it up.

This treadmill also comes with a very strong 3.75 CHP motor that can help power you through plenty of tough workouts. It is also effective at changing incline levels between 0% to 15% and move easily between speeds of 0-12 MPH.

  • It comes with a broad 20” wide x 60” track
  • The BXT116 has a powerful motor.
  • Offers 05 to 15% power incline for the users to burn calories faster.
  • The capacity of this treadmill can hold is 375 pounds.
  • The BXT116 is affordably priced compared to its features.
  • Console controls are responsive and easy to use.
  • Users can fold up the BXT116 treadmill and unfold it easily.
  • The instructions for assembling are not straightforward.

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

  • It is designed with a powerful 4.0 CHP high-end motor for better performance.
  • The belt roller is of 2.75” roller with a 3-ply treadmill belt.
  • The top speed of this product is 12MPH
  • Comes up with 9” full-color display.
  • The BXT216 comes up with USB port.
  • There are 11 built-in workouts.
  • Up to four user profiles can be stored for reference.
  • Easy SoftDrop Stowable design allows users to pack up this treadmill easily.
  • Syncs with both Android and Apple devices.

Only a bit more expensive than the BXT116, the Bowflex BXT216 provide extra stability and a few more features. This treadmill is a high-performance, advanced calorie burn workout machine with comfortable cushioning. Also, the data from the workouts can be exported to fitness apps such as Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health Kit, so you can track your fitness more easily.

Included with this treadmill are things like a chest strap for the monitoring of the user’s heart rate for perfect workout sessions. This treadmill is one of the most popular Bowflex products as it balances features with excellent pricing.

  • The surface area for the workout is pretty large, measuring 22” W x 60” L.
  • This treadmill is a foldable machine with easy unfolding mechanisms.
  • Can accommodate a user who weighs up to 400 pounds.
  • Comes with an appealing and bright LCD display.
  • This treadmill comes with a 15-year warranty on the frame and drive motor, 5 years on the mechanical parts and electronics, and 2 years of warranty coverage on the labor repairs.
  • This product offers 11 built-in workout apps to facilitate easy workouts for users.
  • Designed with a powerful CHP motor.
  • Is affordably priced and can be financed.
  • It does not come assembled, and it might be difficult for a not-so-handy person to set up.
  • This treadmill is a pretty heavy machine.

Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber

  • There are heart rate contact grips for heart rate monitoring
  • Bowflex TC100 comes with transport wheels for easy mobility.
  • It has a sleek design which makes it a convenient choice for using at home.
  • Has a backlit LCD screen for
  • The speed of the device ranges from 0.5-4.0 MPH.
  • The device has an integrated media shelf for holding devices like a tablet and also comes with two large cup holders.
  • It is made with a low-impact design which plays a big role in reducing discomfort.
  • The TC100 comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It acts as a good alternative to a stair stepper and a treadmill.

The Bowflex TC100 provides prolific opportunities for users to keep their health in-check and stay fit. With the constant slight incline that the TC100 provides, users can burn calories at a faster rate than others walking at the same pace at no incline. It also enables users to achieve better-toned muscles without spending hours at the gym.

  • The TC100 provides easy access to calorie burning workouts.
  • This machine lowers the risk of overuse injuries that are common among runners.
  • Operates quietly as the user exercises.
  • Doesn’t take up much floor space with its compact design.
  • Comes with a built-in charging port.
  • Has a media shelf so that smartphones and tablets can be set safely.
  • Light enough for users to move easily.
  • Bowflex TC100 has a limited top speed of 4 MPH.

Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber

  • Bowflex TC200 comes with an excellent, fully backlit LCD screen.
  • It contains a dual-purpose USB port which users can use to charge their smart devices while they are attached on media holder.
  • The color-coded heart rate zone indicator helps users to identify the best intensity level.
  • It possesses Bluetooth connectivity so that you can share user data with Google Fit, Apple Health Kit, Bowflex Connect, and other health apps.
  • Data of up to 4 different users can be tracked and stored by the device.
  • Bowflex TC200 has transport wheels for moving it easily.
  • It is a three-in-one fitness device which works like a treadmill, a stair climber, and an elliptical.
  • Due to its compact size, the TC200 can help save on space.

The Bowflex TC200 is an upgraded TreadClimber which has unique features to offer those looking for new ways to reach their fitness goals. It offers the benefits of a stair climber, an elliptical, and a treadmill at once. As the incline is set by the TC200 and the speed can’t go above 4.5 MPH, you can engage in a low-impact and focused workout. This machine also helps to keep track of your heart rate with the help of wireless heart rate monitor chest strap.

The TC200 also comes with an interactive display screen, fully backlit LCD display equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that syncs with the free TreadClimber App, as well as other popular fitness apps. The TC200 also has built-in 5 different workout programs.

  • The machine has a three-year warranty and money-back guarantee.
  • It has a sturdy and durable build.
  • During workouts, the impact on the joints is lessened.
  • With built-in incline, the TC200 helps to burn the calories more quickly than just walking.
  • The Bowflex TC200 Treadclimber is slightly expensive for what it provides.
  • Aside from providing low-impact walking exercise, there isn’t much you can do on the TC200.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10

  • Bowflex TC10 offers 4 distinct LCD windowed screens which show different workout stats, displaying your speed, time, calories, and distance.
  • It comes with a Goal-Oriented Coach Technology that helps to set weekly goals for 90 minutes of training.
  • The device encourages the users to perform better with the climb indicator, which notifies users after the climbing of every 100 feet.
  • Speed range goes from 0.5-4.0 MPH, depending on your preference.
  • This machine comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Bowflex TC10 is strongly built and has a sturdy base, helping to make this machine more durable.
  • The machine has outstanding cushioning in order to provide high levels of comfort to the users.

The Bowflex TC10 is a TreadClimber that works to bring low-impact incline workouts to a range of fitness enthusiasts. This workout machine provides users with access to easy and straightforward workouts. It performs the work of three different workout machines, namely, a treadmill, an elliptical, and a stair climber. All the benefits of these fitness machines can be accessed by the user with the TC10.

This machine also aids users in burning calories faster than the usual cardio machines in the same amount of time, thanks to the built-in incline functionality. It also provides excellent comfort and convenience to its users as the TC10 has a very low impact on the joints.

  • The machine can be easily moved due to the presence of wheels.
  • It can hold things like a water bottle and reading material in the console.
  • It comes in a compact size, and it is a space saving machine.
  • Runs quietly so that no one is disturbed by your workout.
  • A compact machine that can fit easily into most homes.
  • The TC10 is very simple to use.
  • The device does not come with any built-in workout programs.
  • Cannot connect smart devices to the machine.
  • Lacks any built-in heart rate monitoring


Bowflex offers a wide range of cardio workout equipment for all types of fitness needs. Whether you are looking for a durable treadmill, a full-body workout machine, or gentle incline training, you can find something for your needs with Bowflex.

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